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We want to help you eliminate your debt according to your monthly obligations, income, and qualifications. Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy is more of a liquidation of debts or what we commonly refer to as a fresh start and you can start over with your rebuilding of credit with the peace of mind of knowing your debt is eliminated.


Making the decision to file bankruptcy can be a very difficult decision to make for an individual or a family. The Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys at Carr Law are here to show you your options concerning filing bankruptcy, and the impact it will have on you.

Ask our experienced Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys if filing for a chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right decision for you. Typically it is based on income and what you can afford, in essence this is a form of debt consolidation and repayment with one very low fee for a fixed period of time which usually lasts from 3-5 years.

Filing Bankruptcy

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The Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys at Carr Law offer affordable bankruptcy solutions for anyone in need of filing bankruptcy and is in need of debt relief. We are a full service debt relief firm located in Tempe, Arizona and offer other bankruptcy law offices throughout the State of Arizona. Decisions concerning bankruptcy can be challenging and the amount of debt that you have now may seem overwhelming. In many cases, filing bankruptcy can be the perfect solution to your financial problems. 

Let Carr Law make things easier to deal with and allow us to help you eliminate both the stress and the debts causing your financial burden. We offer a free consultation to all potential clients.